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Beasiswa S2 di Korea: KGSP Graduate Scholarships, Inha University, Korea

KGSP Application [University Quota]
Application Period for 2013 KGSP at Inha University : From February 4th(Mon) to March 19th(Tue), 2013. Schedule for 2013 KGSP Selection (This can be changed according to NIIED.)

Notice about KGSP Guidelines for 2013 (by NIIED) from January 21 to 22, 2013
Notice about KGSP Guidelines for 2013 & Promotion (by Inha University) from January 30 ~
Application period for KGSP 2013 to Inha University (Documents submission) from February 4 to March 19
Evaluation by the special committee for recommendation (Inha University) from March 21 to April 5
Recommendation (Inha University ? NIIED) from April 8 to 12

The second evaluation for selection by NIIED from April 25 to 26
Result notice about the second selection (by NIIED) on April 30
Medical examination from May 1 to 31
Result notice about the final selection (by NIIED) on June 17
Korean visa application & Flight ticket purchase from June 18 to July 31
Entry to Korea from August 26 to 28
Orientation for 2013 KGSP organized by NIIED from August 29 to 30
Korean language course from September 2 ~

Dormitory (Homepage : http://dorm.inha.ac.kr)
Inha University’s first dormitory, with one story below and five above ground, accommodate up to 1,018 students. In addition to regular Inha students, Woongbijae houses exchange students, and is fully accessible for handicapped students. “Woongbijae” offers LAN access ports, satellite TV reception, DID telephones, and a computer room. Other facilities include a cafeteria, a laundry room, a small convenience store, an outdoor multi-purpose space, and a lounge area, providing students with a comfortable living environment. The second dormitory, Biyongjae, which opened in March 2006, can accommodate up to 1,154 students.

Scholarship (Graduate School)

Jungseok International Scholarship

Korean Government Scholarship Students are allowed to get entrance fee and the tuition fee which excess KRW 5,000,000 from the graduate school. (NIIED will support their tuition within KRW 5,000,000.)
Additional tuition fees after NIIED’s scholarship period will be supported by Inha University, if it is needed.
Assistantship Scholarship
Lab assistant and Teaching assistant will get around KRW 1,000,000 for one semester as Assistantship Scholarship. To be LA or TA, you should achieve recommendation from adviser professor and individual department and get permission to engage in activities other than those permitted by the status from Immigration Office. Korean Government Scholarship Students are allowed to apply for LA or TA.

Research Allowance
While studying at Inha University, international students who participate in a certain research project have chance to achieve research grants. According to your major area and adviser professor, research projects which you can take part in will be determined.

Support programs for international students

Assignment of Inha buddies and mentor students for new international students
Inha buddies(Korean students) will help new international students during Korean language program.
Mentor students(international students who come from the same country or are at the same department) will help new international students during degree program.
Counseling professors for international students
English : Professor Suh, Jae Suk at English Language Education
Chinese : Professor Cha, Tae Geun at Sinology
Legal advice : Professor Won, Hye Wook at Law
Field trip and international culture festival for international students
Field trip : Hoam Art Museum, Everland, and Jeju Island(2010), Mt. Seorak(2011), The Goguryeo Blacksmith Town in Guri-si & Mongchontoseong(Mud Rampart) (2012)
Culture Festival : Food Festival, Cultural Performances, etc. (In May)
Graduate School of Logistics offers opportunities of field trip to industrial sites.
Inha Student Ambassadorship (http://gradeng.inha.ac.kr/entrance/ent_030401.aspx)
Selection : 14 international graduate students from 12 countries.
Admission counseling for new applicants, Guide admission process, etc.
Advanced level of Korean language course to in-depth Korean language proficiency
ISL(International Students Lounge) : (Location) #504 at the student union building
Computers, copy machines, newspapers and magazines in English, guidebook for sightseeing in Korea, etc.
Korean language education by volunteers, Issuing news letter (2~3 times per semester), etc.
Application documents for 2013 KGSP

Applicants for 2013 KGSP must submit one original document and three extra copies to Inha Univerrsity in person or by postal mail during the designated period.
Applicants who want to get recommendation from Inha University should submit a letter of recommendation from a professor at Inha University to the graduate school office during application period.
Inha University can ask applicants to submit several additional documents (ex. letter of consent for degree verification), if it is needed.
Awards : submit the notarized version.
According to NIIED’s request, Inha University should confirm the original.
Graduate School of Logistics will not recommend candidates for Korean Government Scholarship Program. (Students who were selected as 2013 KGSP with a recommendation from Korean embassy or institutes for adopted children are allowed to enter the Graduate School of Logistics.)

Contact Information
Graduate School (http://grad.inha.ac.kr)
Address : Graduate School Office(Building#1-317), Inha University,
100, Inha-ro, Nam-gu, Incheon, Korea (Postal Code : 402-751)
Tel : +82-32-860-8389 – E-mail : graduate@inha.ac.kr

Graduate School of Logistics (http://logistics.inha.ac.kr)
Address : Graduate School of Logistics(Building#9-114), Inha University,
100, Inha-ro, Nam-gu, Incheon, Korea (Postal Code : 402-751)
Tel : +82-32-860-8224~5 – E-mail : gsl@inha.ac.kr

Inha University
Address: 100 Inha-ro, Nam-gu, Incheon, Korea (Postal Code : 402-751)
Website: http://www.inha.ac.kr (Graduate School: http://grad.inha.ac.kr / Graduate School of Logistics : http://logistics.inha.ac.kr)

For more information on scholarships, please read: Korean Government Scholarship Program (KGSP) for International Graduate Students

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